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    “The underground dim locale and historic atmosphere lends to the speakeasy essence,” said Owner, Anthony LaCoco. “And that’s what it is. An underground club with passionately created cocktails, beautifully prepared snacks, and the talent of the rich local music scene.”



    Rules and regulations

    1. Membership cards are issued for use of the named bearer only to gain access to the club
    2. Members are allowed to sponsor guests provided they arrive and depart the club together, with the exception of New Year’s Eve, events that involve advance ticket sales, or any night/event as designated special by management.  Guests will likewise adhere to, all rules and regulations of the club. Members are fully responsible for the conduct of their guests,
    3. You must present your card each time you enter Coco Club as a member. Should you not have it you are subject to the night’s cover charge. Lost cards will not be replaced nor will we refer to a membership list. You must reapply for a new card.
    4. Proper dress attire is always required.
    5. Proper identification is needed for you and your guest AT ALL TIMES.
    6. This membership is NOT transferable.
    7. This membership is valid for one year.
    8. Admission is contingent upon the legal capacity of the club. Admission may be denied at any time by management for any reason.
    9. Members will agree that all alcohol consumption will be inside the facility and will be only products offered by the club.
    10. Members agree that any legal cost incurred by the club on behalf of member/guests will be the sole obligation of the member.
    11. Memberships will be revoked in the event of the following:
      – Misuse of membership card for its intent.
      – Refusal to cooperate with instructions of management or adhere to rules and regulations of the club.
      – Use of an illegal substance or participation in an illegal activity.
      – Fails to adhere to all laws of the Illinois Alcohol Beverage Control Commission.
      – Disturbance caused or created by Member/Guests.
      – Willful abuse to the club facility, staff, employees or premises.
      – Any other acts deemed inappropriate by management that may be detrimental to the club or other members.