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Dress Code

The etiquette of the club experience

Dress Code

Dress Code

The Coco Club respectfully has a dress code in place, overseen by its Management, to uphold the etiquette of the club experience. Business Casual is the basis of the dress code.

To help our guests, we offer the following helpful guidelines.

Slacks with collared or crew neck shirt with/without a jacket. Hats/caps must be removed while inside the club.

Slacks or skirt/dress with/without a jacket.

Appropriate jeans and other denim attire (no holes, faded or torn) are permitted in the Club.

Athletic Attire
Athletic attire, shorts, T-shirts (athletic or with print), flip-flops, men’s open-toed shoes (i.e. sandals) and sleeveless shirts ARE NOT PERMITTED. Team/fan wear (jerseys & sweaters) is acceptable on game nights for local teams and national sporting events.

Thank you for using your best judgment to make sure you’ll be comfortable. We look forward to your visit.

Questions: Feel free to contact the Club’s Director at (773) 523-2205, whom will assist you and answer any inquiries you might have.